Success Stories: 12 year old boy with childhood verbal apraxia, sensory integration dysfunction, and attention deficit disorder

Jordan went through a two week therapy intensive in December and another intensive involving both the Interactive Metronome and The Listening Program with Bone Conduction delivery following in July.  He had received occupational therapy and speech therapy at his private school for learning disabilities for several years. The mother reported in May 2009 on a solicited checklist to document Jordan’s progress that he was experiencing improvements in several areas:

  • Increase in eye contact
  • More emotional
  • More animated
  • More responsible
  • More independent
  • Decrease in frustration
  • Increase in sense of humor
  • Less restless
  • Increase in physical coordination
  • Increase in sense of rhythm
  • Less confusion of left and right on self
  • Change in sleep patterns
  • Increase in talking/ communication
  • Increase in vocabulary
  • Increase in phonological awareness
  • Increase in sentence structure
  • Increase initiating verbal participation
  • Increase in speaking quality
  • Increase in reading comprehension
  • Increase in ability to tell a story
  • Increase in on task performance

Jordan’s language teacher at school has started him on hard, more complex thinking stories. She didn’t know if he was ready, but to her surprise, he did great and was the best in the group. His mother reported that he is able to do more complicated computer tasks at home. He has been staying at home alone while his parents walk. He was always too afraid to do that in the past. He has tried more new food lately as well. His mother also reported that overall his level of understanding concepts has improved and he seems to have grown up in the past few months.

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