Success Stories: 14 year old boy with auditory processing and learning and reading disabilities who received speech therapy for auditory linguistic processing at age 6 – 7 years

This note is much overdue! I have attempted many times to write you a thank-you-note, but am met with too many emotions. Thank you Mrs. Shook! You are truly blessed with the gift of wisdom and discernment in working with learning difference children and their families. You have literally changed and directed lives. I wish you could see Harry now! Once we moved on to Middle School (three years ago) the teachers were dumbfounded mid-year when I told them we had battled learning differences in Lower School and I wanted to see what they observed so we could keep on top of things! Their comments are that he is such a conscientious student and quite the hard worker. If only they really knew how those characteristics were developed! His grades are mostly A’s and he earns them independently! His favorite pastime is reading! All his peers and teachers know that Harry is the reader! He always has a book handy and loves to talk about them! He can read a book faster than I can and enjoys every minute of it! He has excelled at writing, although the boyhood patience of proofing and re-writing is still battled at times. Harry’s self-esteem and self-confidence is high. He is a typical and fun-loving teen of almost 14 years in every way! Enough time has passed now that the nightmare of homework tears and school frustrations seem dream-like. The countless hours of therapy sessions seem condensed to a short time frame! Neither of which was fathomable at the time we lived through all that hard work!  But the icing on the cake is that Harry is a healthy, fun loving teen that developed great character qualities form his history with learning differences! Thanks to you Jane! You were discerning to work on the root causes of Harry’s academic struggles and were able to combine the right therapies to treat the whole of Harry and not just symptoms of learning differences. If only we could clone you now so everyone had your understanding!

—Immeasurably thankful,
Harry's Mom

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