“I am so glad that you and many other therapists helped Margaret become the young adult she is today. When she was just two years old, I remember the poor prognosis that some doctor’s gave us.  I am thankful for the Speech Therapist that eventually called and wanted to do additional testing and eventually put us in touch with therapists like you. I could go on and on with how the hand of God guided us and I often walked haltingly along asking for encouragement and positive results.

I do remember walking into your second floor office in Lakewood after you had come down into the reception area to meet Margaret and I…your smile and happy demeanor put us all at ease.  I was thrilled to be allowed to watch and imitate at home what you did with my daughter in your office. I did everything you suggested until we would meet again and brainstorm about any changes that needed to be made. I remember coming to a particular session and I was so upset that a teacher told Margaret she didn’t need to know math; that addition and subtraction wasn’t very important. We spoke briefly and you immediately started our daughter on a different math program that she was able to grasp and utilize. I was thrilled and Margaret felt like she had learned math like the rest of her class: Now she excels in math! She has taken every advanced math, science, and physics class offered at Highland Park and aced them. She has even tutored other students.

Thank you for sharing your many gifts with not only your clients but their families. I know there are days where we’ll feel defeated, overwhelmed, frustrated.  Please know that you are appreciated and loved by me and my tribe.”

–Cari, parent of an eighteen-year-old high school senior graduating with high honors

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