Brian was a severely non-verbal, autistic, eight-year-old with severe learning deficiencies. He was set up with a home learning program and recommendations which included a functional neurologist and overall sensory support. His family had recently begun the SonRise Program for developing cognitive and social interaction as well as the Body Ecology Diet to increase his awareness and attention to social and pragmatic skills.

Distance consulting was used to instruct the child’s mother with sensory strategies to desensitize Brian’s dislike for headphones, his reluctance to accept unfamiliar music, and on-going assistance in helping his progress move forward.

After six months, Brian saw an increase in eye contact, motivation, animation, independence, relationships, sensitivity to voice and body messages, affection, awareness of self related to his environment. The boy’s mother commented that Brian was “participating more in the world around him, showing more facial expressions, and demonstrating an awareness of his world around him.” He had better quality of eye contact and was more connected to people in general. The majority of Brian’s changes are in the social skills area, which is the exclusive focus of his SonRise Program at this time; this shows he is more available to learning than when he started the program. He is also more tolerant to different music.

In their last visit to the functional neurologist, Brian had exhibited a significant jump of six months to a year in overall maturity, understanding what is going on in the world around him on a deeper level, and exhibited more facial expressions.

Brian’s progress was especially profound because his age at the time of treatment would have typically impacted his ability to progress.

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