“After numerous pediatricians told me there was nothing wrong with my child and two speech evaluations suggested it was Autism, we finally found Jane. She was the first to accurately assess our daughter and we love her out-of-the-box thinking and innovative technology. We have seen tremendous development and growth in our daughter since first bringing her to CTS six months ago”

–Andrea, parent of a three-year-old sensory defensive child with delayed expressive language

“We have been coming to the CTS for two years and continue to be so pleased with Jane and her staff. Their sensory-based approach, positive atmosphere, and enthusiasm for clients of all ages make CTS a unique and successful therapy center. We also appreciate their emphasis on parent education – the library of books and media recordings.”


“Because it’s fun!”

–Leann, parent of a fifteen-year-old with Asperger’s

“It gives us hope for a change and we learn so much.”

–Amy, parent of a thirteen-year-old with multiple learning disabilities

“Out of all the therapists we’ve had, we’ve seen the most progress with (Jane). She opened up new avenues of therapy through education and resources that we would have never otherwise thought of. That combined with speech therapy has made all the difference. It felt like there was a piece missing – and Jane was that piece!”

–Margaret, parent of a five-year-old with an auditory processing disorder

“Our son was diagnosed with autism when he was two-and-a-half years old; he is six now and the past four years have been quite a journey. We researched and searched for the best possible therapies and treatments that would best meet his needs. God has blessed our journey as we have encountered many therapists, doctors and teachers that have made a positive impact on our son’s progress. We have been especially pleased with our experience at the Center for Therapeutic Strategies. We have been impressed with their thorough approach at evaluating and observing our son as a whole. They take the time and put forth the effort to discern helpful techniques that address his sensory needs so he is able to learn and perform to his best ability; we feel that this approach has helped him to progress with his speech at a faster rate. There are many times that he does not want to go home! It is a blessing to encounter therapists that see the potential of my child and greet him with love and enthusiasm. The entire staff at CTS is welcoming and we feel like honored guests in their office. As our journey continues, we feel blessed and thankful that our son is receiving therapy at CTS. We thank Jane Shook and her staff – you are ambassadors of hope for us and so many others!”

–Kimberly, parent of a six-year-old with Autism

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